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The Team

Martin Davies

Long time friend Martin Davies, has been involved with Tony’s rallying for over 15 years. Working both behind the scenes with planning and also making appearances on several events throughout the season. Martin also looks after or our rally in-car coverage.

Heather Gibbons

Long suffering friend and partner to Tony through some of his toughest seasons. Ensures all the team are fed and watered and not adverse to get her hands dirty! Great on maps and often seen out in management vehicles on events. Every team needs a Heather!

Ian Bevan

Highly experienced co-driver who has competed regular in the UK for over 25 years and also seen out doing Rally America championship a few years ago. A proud Welshman who knows Wales like most people know their own front Garden!

Donna Harper – Team Coordin8

Donna has worked for the likes of M-Sport helpping with planning logistics and hotel arrangements. A very obvious task which is often over looked. Every rally team needs a comfortable hotel bed and Donna will always find somewhere for you and your team.

John Goff &

Where it all began for Tony, and has not looked back since. John has been involved from the lowest rung of the ladder right up to the World Rally Championship. Tony went to John so he could be taught art of car control within the sport of rallying. John’s vast knowledge having competed and worked within the sport since the early 70’s with British and International drivers and teams, has given us the ideal platform to build the most successful competing Rally School in the UK today. Tony has been lucky enough to be part of the rallyschool & team over the past 15 years and the help and encouragement he has received from John and the team is well documented in the sport.

Pentti Airikkala (RIP 1945 – 2009)

Having watched Pentti as a young what-a-be rally driver Tony became lucky enough to become one of Pentti’s pupils, as a former British, Finnish and Scandinavian rally champion Tony is in good company along with Penntiļæ½s other pupils. He has been lucky enough learn the trade secrets behind successful race & rally driving as taught by the legendary Pentti Airikkala, winner of the 1989 RAC Rally. He is sadly missed by all a great driver and great man.

Bill Robertson (RIP 1951 – 2010)

Bill sadly passed away on 13th November 2010 his voice is the one you will hear on my very early in-car footage. He was a true gentleman of the sport and a person I owe a great deal of gratitude to for helping me in my early years. A true rally man in every sense of the world and I know his infectious laugh and mischief are missed by many.

Thank you to all for your help, assistance and advice over the years.

Tony Simpson.