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SIMS Rally Team claim class victory on the Dukeries

Posted on Friday, June 13th, 2014 in Rally News


SIMS Rally Team claim class victory on the Dukeries

The SIMS Rally team continued with their participation in the 2014 REIS BTRDA Rally championship last weekend when Tony Simpson and Ian Bevan contested the Dukeries Rally in their Flying Dog Ford Fiesta ST run by and claimed a start to finish class victory for the team.

Heavy rain in the lead up to the event had left the stages very wet, and in some places treacherous for the pair. Their cause was not helped by rain falling for most of the day, but the crew adapted to the conditions very well, and the omens for the team looked good when on the first stage, Watchwood the duo took fastest class time by over eight seconds from the nearest challenger. Happy with the pace and approach they had, they continued through the next two stages Thieves Wood and Sherwood Pines 1 to continue to lead the N3 class. At the end of Stage Three Simpson said “We are happy where we are and how we are doing. Our pace is one we are happy with, and its paying dividends so far.” He went on to add “Don’t get me wrong, it is very, very slippy in there, and easy to make a mistake that will cost you time, but the key seems to be keeping the speed and momentum up in the square junctions and so far Ian and I are happy.” By the time the pair had completed Stage Five, Portland 1 they had a lead over their nearest challenger of well over a minute and realised that with half the event covered the lead was now there to be lost, and ensuring a finish was now a priority for the SIMS Rally Team.

With Stage Six being cancelled the approach was certainly the correct one as Simpson stated just before the start of Stage Seven, Blidworth when he said, “Yeah we are happy with it all so far, the car is running really well, and we are driving really quickly and making time, and in these tricky conditions we must be happy with that so far. It would be too easy to lose time in some places.” A slight spin however, did cost a few seconds on Stage Seven, but the class lead was maintained and the crew made their way to the re-run of the Sherwood Pines stage.

The SIMS Rally Team pairing were seven seconds quicker through the stage on the second timed run through, which surprised Simpson who said “To be honest I was slightly amazed at that, because the stage had started to cut up quite a lot with the second run through the stage, and I admit I was cautious, but you know, it just goes to show, cautious and smooth can be very quick too.” Runs through Clipstone South and Portland were all that remained for the duo, and this they completed without incident to take an emphatic and well-deserved class win for the SIMS Rally Team, by one minute and forty five seconds.

At the event finish at Southwell racecourse Simpson was delighted with the team’s day at the Dukeries Rally and said “Delighted with that, really am. The conditions were really testing for all of us today, but Ian and I worked well together, did a great job running the car, we are wet, but delighted to win here today, and give something back to all the sponsors we have.” The team expect to continue on the BTRDA trail, with a planned appearance at the next round the Nicky Grist Stages now looking very likely indeed.

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