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SIMS Rally team starts 2016 campaign in Wales

Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 in Rally News

SIMS Rally team starts 2016 campaign in Wales

This weekends Mid Wales Stages Rally, the opening round of the new look MSA British Rally Championship sees the SIMS Rally Team commence their 2016 campaign in the Flying Dog backed Fiesta ST driven by Tony Simpson and co-driven once again by Ian Bevan.

The last appearance for the team was on the final round of the 2015 World Rally Championship last November, an event that Simpson holds close to his heart.

This year however the team return to the new look British series for the first time since 2013, and a return to Welsh stages too, for the start of a varied number of events planned for 2016. The team also plan to contest the Pirelli Rally, Nicky Grist Stages as well as a rare outing on Tarmac in the shape of the Manx International too.

Simpson had originally planned to tackle the series in a new car, but with a deal being unable to be struck in time he has reverted back to the Fiesta ST that has served well for the team in winning the Fiesta Sport Championship as well as BTRDA National Gravel N3 winners too. Simpson explained “We worked very hard to be in a position to start this year in a new car. It is one of those things that will either happen quickly and easily or it can become protracted and take time. When that happened I decided to use the Fiesta and make sure that Ian and I would be on the start line in Wales.” He went on to add “We will not have the advantage that some others have in the shape of a lighter car or a sequential gearbox, but that said the team know the car very well, and we work superbly as a unit, so that kind of evens it up a little.”

There is a chance that the Flying Dog backed Ford will contest the Scottish Rally too, as well as one or two forays into Europe but Simpson is keeping that possibility close to his chest as would only add “Anything’s possible this year, but yes we are looking at one or two different events for the team.”

The deal to compete came about very last minute, despite most of the teams long term partners wishing to remain on board for 2016. Flying Dog breweries are back once again, as are Seacon and DOT, while the team at have once again agreed to run the car on events.

Also supporting the SIMS Rally team year will be Rydal Boxing Gym, Home2Office Water, Absolute Rally Podcast and Knowsley Chamber of Commerce.

Simpson went on to add “The idea now is to capitalise on the huge interest in the new look British Championship and our effort now with this year’s events is to formulate our plan for a more concerted attack in 2017. Ian (Bevan) and I feel this is the best way to go, for us and the team to maximise the ability we all have as a team for next year too.”

For those wishing to catch up with the team this weekend the Service Park is located at Mochdre Enterprise Park, Newtown.

Full events details are available at the event website


Flying Dog is and American Brewery and is brought in under licence by James Clay & Sons who are based in Elland West Yorkshire.

Delivered On Time / Seacon :- Motorsport and automotive specialists working within Formula 1 , WRC , Asia Pacific and many other championships around the world. is a new Shropshire based company concentrating on event hire programmes that gives customers a greater range of vehicles, services and events.

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